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We Connect: A Cultural Experience is a project created by Nikkia Riles owner of Lollie13 Marketing and Photography based in Columbus, Ohio. This project promotes, represents, educates and celebrates the many different ethnicities that are being underrepresented. We are a photography business that provides a service as an opportunity for many ethnicities to be more visible in different genres of the arts. We Connect educates the importance of cultural diversity by showcasing cultural heritage, the arts, creating collaboration and creating strong relationships to help raise awareness of the world around us.

Many ethnicities have been plagued by injustice and the hate of just being different. Many ethnicities who work in many industries have been underrepresented in mainstream media, invisible in some art genres, politics, misrepresented and misunderstood  in culture and in the workplace. The lack of education and understanding of other cultures is why We Connect: A Cultural Experience exists.

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