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Beautiful Model

We love to collaborate with customers to turn their portraits into something they have never seen before and taking them on a journey of an experience of a lifetime to the set-design, posing guidance, costume and that amazing wow-factor towards the end. Whether it is in studio or at a location, our mission is to have you walking way like a celebrity. Take your picture to the next level!





First we will get to know you and create a unique and creative concept moodboard that align perfectly. Then it will be time to grab the props, background and set a date for the shooting day.

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Post Production

This is where the MAGIC happens and your project is brought to life! With extensive skills in Photoshop and access to many graphics to add that little bit of magic, there is no limit to what we can do!

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This is the time where we enter the creative zone, and begin shooting! Our pre-production stage ensures we have an efficient shoot that sets the scene for your dream shoot.

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Viewing Time

Now it's  VIEWING TIME! This is where we present your beautiful photos 

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How Our Pricing Works

Your photos are unique and different from every other protrait studio. There's no one price fits all which is why we custom quote yor photos to ensure we are pricing based on exactly what you want. Pricing starts at $350.

To get the ball rolling, we'll ask you to complete a creative brief (or alternative make a phone call) so we can really get to know you and your and your dream photoshoot, once we know more about what you want, we can provide you with a quote.

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