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Image by Mike Beaumont


Nikkia Riles is a Creative and Commercial Photographer based in Columbus, Ohio.

Her creative path began with with pencil sketching and drawing portraits of people's faces, but , things changed, as life often does, her path took her to computer animation, videography and photography. Even though Nikkia took pictures, photography wasn't something she thought at first. She loved creating cartoons and tapering with a video camera.


Learning about different genres' of media helped developed her eye of seeing things that were different to others. Even though she had to give-up the art world due to life she always wanted to continue doing something creative. When time finally opened doors for her to be able to put more time into what she loved to do it took her to something she didn't expect to be good



Nikkia picked up a camera and started to experiment, studying and research other artist style that she liked and started to evolve into a style that fit her and her eye.  Though a wife and a busy mom, Nikkia never let that stop her from being to improve her skill, to explore and try new things.

Driven by a love of exploration, she uses photography to learn about cultures and to help others to understand not just the world, but to connect with many diversity of people. Through her work, she offers an aesthetics that blends the reality of the places she visits with the fantasy of her imagination. Nikkia Riles's photos transport the viewer to places filled with a feeling of mythical beauty. Her goal is to bring people around the world closer together by showcasing her creative visions and giving her audience the chance to experience a fantasy-tinged version of the places they dream of seeing.

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